Promotion Period

  • This Promotion runs from 3 June 2020 to 31 August 2020 (the “Promotion Period”).
  • DHL Express reserves the right to discontinue the Promotion or extend the Promotion Period at any time without assigning any reason.
  • By participating in this Promotion, a participant shall be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions stated herein.



  • This Promotion is offered to New DHL Express account holders using the eBay platform only and is strictly not transferable. DHL Express reserves the right to decline any party from participating in this Promotion without having to assign any reason.
  • This Promotion is applicable only for shipments billed within Singapore when a participant sends shipments overseas using selected DHL Express products.  Selected DHL Express products include DHL Express 9:00, DHL Express 10:30, DHL Express 12:00 and DHL Express worldwide.
  • This promotion will be valid for the duration of the contract when you sign up in 2020.
  • This Promotion is applicable for export shipments only.
  • The following categories of persons shall not be eligible to participate in this Promotion:
  • employees of DHL Express entities in Singapore;
  • advertising, public relations and media agencies of DHL Express entities in Singapore; and
  • account holders with outstanding amounts due and payable to DHL Express
  • Selected DHL Express account holder shall automatically cease to be eligible for this Promotion in the event there is any outstanding amount due and payable to DHL Express at any time during the Promotion Period.

Rewards and Prizes

  • A discount of 50% off the published rates applicable to New DHL Express account holder using eBay platform shall apply for qualifying shipments (“Reward”) up to 3 months after sign up, subject to terms and conditions.
  • DHL Express will automatically keep track of eligibility for the Reward and adjust rates in the event if minimum shipment profile is not met.
  • Rewards are not transferable or exchangeable for cash, credit or other items or services. DHL Express reserves the right to replace the Rewards with another of similar value without prior notice.

General Terms and Conditions

  • All decisions made by DHL Express are final and binding and no discussions or negotiations relating to its decision will be entertained.
  • For representative participating and accepting the Rewards under this Promotion on behalf of his or her corporation, he or she shall be deemed to have full authority from his or her corporation to participate and accept the reward(s), and that it in no way infringes his or her own corporation policies.
  • If DHL Express discovers that a recipient is in fact not entitled to participate in the Promotion, DHL Express may decline to grant the Reward, and where the Reward has already been granted, DHL Express may at its discretion reclaim the Reward.
  • DHL Express accepts no responsibility and shall not be liable for damages, losses or injuries of any kind resulting from participation in this Promotion, and/or acceptance, possession and/or (mis)use of the Rewards.
  • DHL Express reserves the right to cancel, change, substitute or remove the rewards at any time with or without notice to the participants.
  • In the event of any inconsistency between these terms and conditions and any brochures or marketing or promotional materials relating to this Promotion, these terms and conditions shall prevail to the extent of such inconsistency.

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