Take The Lead *Terms and Conditions

Objective of Incentive Program

We want couriers to provide the DHL Express sales team with sales leads. Specifically customers that use TNT, FEDEX and UPS for ‘international express services’.

Incentive Program Mechanics 

Operations Employees are eligible to submit their sales leads throughout 2016.

Leads need to be submitted to the Debriefer, Station Centre Manager (or nominated lead coordinator) at the local base in the following manner:

  1. Complete the lead form;
  2. Provide a business card (if available)
  • Leads provided to the Debriefer, Station Centre Manager (or nominated lead coordinator) will be entered into the courier lead landing page http://shipping.dhl.com.au/courierleads and then automatically sent to the telemarketing team for qualification.
  • A telemarketing executive will qualify the lead to determine:
    1. if the lead has an international express courier shipping need for core TDI services;
    2. if the lead will spend over AUD $300.00 on international express courier services per month; and
    3. if the lead currently uses TNT, FEDEX or UPS for international express services.
  • Once the lead is successfully qualified, it will be passed to the appropriate sales person and fall into the DHL Express standard sales process.
  • Only lead submitted through the Debriefer (or nominated lead coordinator) via the online landing page will be accepted.

Progress Updates

Progress updates will be sent to your mobile phone and you will be updated when the following events take place:

                       i.        Upon rejection of a new lead by a Lead Qualifier;
                      ii.        Upon acceptance of a new lead into territory by the sales rep; and
                     iii.        Upon movement of the new lead through the pipeline (sales process):
a.    Agreed to Ship
b.    Sent First Shipment
c.     Unable to Gain / Future Opportunity
d.    Upon acceptance/rejection of development lead by the sales rep

There will also be monthly updates and leader boards sent to couriers, Debriefers (or nominated lead coordinators) and team leaders for them to share with staff and weekly SMS updates to couriers.

Incentive Program Payments

  • Operations employees will receive a one off payment of AUD $10.00 for each lead that is successfully qualified and accepted as a new lead into territory by a DHL Express sales rep.
  • PLUS - for leads that generate new business*, the operations employee will be eligible for a commission payment of 4% of the customer’s core TDI revenue for 12 months, calculated from the date when the lead first commences shipping.
  • Core TDI revenue is defined as weight charge revenue that is generated on the following inbound and outbound, doc and non doc, billed products:

Product Code

Product Name

E and K

Express 9:00 (doc and non doc)

D and P

Express Worldwide  (doc and non doc)

T and Y

Express 12:00 (doc and non doc)




Break Bulk Express


Medical Express

Revenue that is generated on other products, surcharges and value added services are excluded from the commission calculation.

  • * new business is defined as:
  1. A new customer is a customer who does not have an account with DHL, or the average monthly trade of the account has been less than $100 on average per month over the last six (6) months from the month of registering.
  2. The account must also be placed on the new business register. The Sales Support Group (“SSG”) will maintain a centralised New Business register.  All new business accounts will be submitted by the relevant sales person once a month by the 1st business day of the following month, with approval from the team manager.


Debriefer, Station Centre Manager (or nominated lead coordinator) Prize

  • Each month, the debriefer (or nominated lead coordinator) that achieves the most number of submitted leads divided by number of couriers will receive a Visa Gift Card valued at $150. A minimum of 25 leads per month across all stations in Australia is required in order to have the Visa Gift Card granted. In case the minimum number of leads is not reached, the Prize will be cancelled for the month in question.
  • There will be a total of 7 prizes. The first month’s prize will be from 1st May 2016 to 31st May 2016. Each subsequent prize will be from the first to the last day of each month.
  • The winner will be announced within 10 working days of the month ending.

Station Prize

  • Each quarter, the station that that achieves the most number of qualified leads divided by number of couriers will receive a cash incentive to fund a BBQ. The cash incentive is calculated by the number of employees per station as follows:
    1. $100 for all stations with less than 50 staff
    2. $300 for all stations with 51 to 150 staff
    3. $500 for all stations with 151 to 300 staff
    4. $700 for all stations with 301+ staff
  • There will be a total of 3 prizes. The first quarter prize will be from 1st May to 30th June 2016. The second quarter prize will be from 1st July 2015 to 30th September 2016. The third quarter prize will be from 1st October 2015 to 31st December 2016.
  • The winner will be announced within 10 working days of the quarter ending.

Purple Rain Prize

  • In addition to the Prizes listed above, a monthly incentive valued at $50 will be provided to the operations employee who submits a lead, either from FedEx or TNT, which becomes the top trading customer within the Take the Lead Campaign.
  • An Operations Employee can be rewarded once only for the same lead.


General Incentive Program Terms and Conditions

  1. Incentive Program Commission Eligibility
    • Monthly commissions will be paid to couriers only for full months worked/services provided. Couriers who resign will be paid for completed months only.  Where applicable, for employees transferring within the DHL Group, and employees taking maternity leave, monthly commission will also be paid for completed months only.
    • Only operations employees that generate the lead will be eligible for any Incentive Program payments.
  2. Date Commissions Paid

Incentive Program commissions are payable monthly, and are paid two (2) months in arrears.  For example August commission will be paid in October.

  1. Independent Contractors (IC’s)

Independent courier contracts are eligible for the incentive payment program, the same as DHL employed couriers. IC’s will be advised by their Station Manager that they are entitled to an incentive payment and the amount will be advised. The IC then raises an invoice for the advised amount and bills DHL. Payment will then be made through Accounts Payable.

  1. Billing Adjustments

Revenue figures will be automatically adjusted for billing errors in the relevant month that the billing adjustment is posted.

  1. Disciplinary Action/Withdrawal of Incentive Program Commission Payment

Purposeful manipulation of the Incentive Program or billing record to unfairly increase revenue results will result in disciplinary action, including possible termination or breach of Independent Contractor agreement.

The Vice President Commercial, Australia has the authority to withdraw commission payment if the courier is under performance management/disciplinary action, including but not limited to serious absenteeism, and in the case of independent contractors, a material breach of their Services Agreement with the Company.

Incentive Program commission payments are subject to customer profitability. This Incentive Program is related to standard contract pricing only. Incentive Program commission claimed on business signed on non-standard contract pricing will be at the discretion of the VP Commercial, Australia.

DHL Express reserves the right to amend or terminate the Operations Incentive Program at any time.  This Incentive Program does not constitute a contract of employment and cannot be relied upon as such by an operations employee participant.